With a couple more weeks at home with Nessi, her mom and siblings, Brandy is now ready to come home with us.  It's a long drive to Pine Lodge Labradoodles, about five hours each way, but worth it and by now we're excited for the trip.  After picking Brandy up and giving her a new name, Tilly, we headed home.  It started out pretty sad as she cried for her family.  We aren't looking forward to doing this again but a sad puppy is both heart-breaking and adorable at the same time.  Being a Very Young Puppy she didn't have the stamina to keep it going for long and was soon asleep.  By the time she woke up again she was content to be petted and didn't seem to be missing her family and home anymore.  It made us a bit sad to see her get over it so quickly.  

We got a bunch of very helpful equipment when we picked her up from Heidi, but a new puppy must have Stuff.  So we stopped at a PetSmart in Portland to pick up a cute pink leash and halter.  It's extremely gratifying to have strangers go all silly over your puppy.  It makes you think that this might be a good dog to breed.


A Tired Tilly, napping on Janet's lap.