Ezra née Gussie

Puppy surprises are the best surprises.  Gussie interviewed Elizabeth and Keagan by FaceTime on Picking Day, 

Rather than wait for Keagan to get home from a business trip, Elizabeth drove up to Stanwood.


Gussie could tell that he had chosen wisely.


He said goodbye to his mommy…


and went outside for the ride home with Elizabeth.


After Gussie got home with Elizabeth, Keagan came home to find the puppy he thought he would pick up the next day had already moved in.


Once he was home with his family, Gussie told them that his name was actually Ezra.


Percy is the first of his siblings to go home. 

He's also the first to have a brother waiting for him at his new home.


Rocco has been living the good life in Prescott Arizona. Now he has to share Ami and John with Percy, his baby brother. 


Percy said goodbye to Penelope, his mommy, before flying to Phoenix to meet his family.


Percy also said goodbye to his older sister Fiona, who told him what to expect from her littermate, Rocco.


Rocco, the good big brother, made sure that Percy was ready for the ride home.

Toby (née Bertie)

Artak's family, including his visiting in-laws, came to Picking Day.  There was a lot of love for puppies.


Tobias (Toby for short) welcomes his new family. 






Penny got some love too.


On Pick-Up-Day Toby posed for a picture with his family. 


Linda and her son Colin cane to pick out his surprise puppy. 


Madeline, bring an absolute sweetheart, was an obvious choice.


While Picking Day may be great fun, having to leave behind Your Own Puppy for another three weeks is enough to make you question what's going on. 


Beezie (née Mable)

Betty and Michael brought their (adorable) children to pick out their puppy.


This is how we started Picking Day.  


We thought it a good omen that we were being treated to extra helpings of cute first thing in the morning. 

This is going to be wonderful.

This is going to be wonderful.


Jasmine (née Myrtle)

The puppy formerly known as Myrtle found that Lisa and her daughter Hannah would offer the best of all possible homes. 



Jasmine nee Myrtle didn't need much time to convince Hannah. 



Everybody loves the puppy. 



Jasmine will spend a few more weeks with her mom and siblings before relocating to Woodinville where she can properly care for her new family.

Watson (née Jeeves)

On Picking Day Jeeves chose Andy from among all the people who came to visit.  Then he (Jeeves) was given his name.  His ineffable effable Effanineffable
Deep and inscrutable singular Name.

Which is Watson.less  


Now Watson will get to take care of Andy and Kahlie in Seattle and help them get around Greenlake.




Beatrice and Percy had just finished supper and were getting ready to fall asleep.  Before that comes the more important job of being adorable.

Supper Time

Now that the puppies are eighteen days old Penelope likes to feed them while sitting up.  She also likes to feed them outside the whelping box.  It makes it easier for her when only five or six at a time are trying to eat.


Randy got up close with the puppies while they were having breakfast.


Two week old puppies can go longer between feedings, up to four hours.  

They then approach mealtime with greater energy.

First Steps

Cora is eleven days old.

She is already trying to walk. 


Three day old puppies napping between feedings.

Mom, just back from walkies, makes a brief appearance. 

Michelle Meets Bertie

Michele is our Puppy Nanny.  With her help we are able to keep an eye on the puppies 24 hours a day for their first two weeks.  

Meeting a new puppy just after he is born is, indeed, a delight.

The lens flare makes it fancy. 


Less than an hour after birth Mable is helped to latch on.

Halfway through whelping all eleven puppies. 

Halfway through whelping all eleven puppies. 


Australian Labradoodle puppies aren't cats.  And who would want or need to herd even one cat?

This probably explains why the expression "It's like trying to herd multi-generation Australian Labradoodle puppies who aren't even a day old," still hasn't caught on.


Penelope, as agent, directed the photo shoot. 

Penelope, as agent, directed the photo shoot. 

Eleven Again

Penelope's second litter was born on National Puppy Day, fittingly. 

Bertie, Gussie, Jasper, Peggy, Cora, Beatrice, Mable, Percy, Myrtle, Madeline and Jeeves.

Bertie, Gussie, Jasper, Peggy, Cora, Beatrice, Mable, Percy, Myrtle, Madeline and Jeeves.

Her first litter was also with Brennan as the dad and also had eleven puppies. Those puppies were not born on National Puppy Day.  They were born on National Dog Day.  We assume Penelope is doing this on purpose.


Penelope on day 59

Penelope on day 59

Penelope saw her groomer to be cleaned up prior to the birth of her puppies.

She also had an X-ray which found eleven puppies inside. 

Eight of the puppies already have homes to go to. 




Penelope had her ultrasound to confirm her pregnancy.  Puppies will be born on or about March 23rd, 2019. 

Brendan is the dad again so we imagine that the puppies will be similar to Penelope's litter of 2017. 

Best Picture Ever

Janet took Penny and Fiona out to play in the snow.  They seem to have had a good time.

Photo by Janet Nyberg

Photo by Janet Nyberg